Chicago Elite Fitness is home to Bucktown CrossFit and Chicago Barbell Club. CEF is the city's premier strength & conditioning facility, where athletes of all backgrounds and skill levels come to excel in sport and life.

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  • Sometimes It Just Has to Be Hard

    It can be an incredulous coaching cue: “Start as you will finish.” The statement commands that an athlete start movements in a workout how they will finish them.  Whether it is sticking with a push press that feels very heavy or push-ups (from the knees versus from the toes), the command can be difficult to […]

  • On the Open at Chicago Elite Fitness

    We are a CrossFit affiliate that is 170 members strong. As members, we are united in our purpose:  training to be fitter, faster, stronger, more agile and efficient.  We are training to be better than yesterday, better than last year.  Each of us is acutely aware of the gap between where we are and where […]

  • Don’t Be Ridiculous

    I have noticed a wave of frustration in the gym recently, which I don’t understand. It has been my privilege to see day in and day out a group of dedicated people show up and set to work improving themselves. There are many reasons why they do so; to get fast or strong, to be […]